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From an IT engineer to a generous philanthropist, a man named Eng. Mohibullah Naseri laid out a plan to use his wealth to establish a hospital that would provide care to anyone, regardless of sex, age or race. The hospital was named as Rahmat hospital and it started providing health services in November 2020. In consideration of EU standards, Turkish engineers were assigned to design this hospital. This hospital occupies two hectares of land and has been divided in three different buildings:

Building A

This building has seven floors, which houses Emergency, ICU, Recovery, Dialysis, skin and beauty departments. Besides these departments, this building also includes five operation theaters. One OT room is specifically designed and allocated to conduct heart surgeries. We have equipped our ICU, emergency, and recovery rooms with advanced patient monitors and other medical equipment.

Building B

This building contains eleven floors with the following departments:
• Out Patient Department (OPDs),
• General Internal Medicine Department,
• General Surgery Department,
• Obstetrics and Gynecology Department,
• Pediatric Department,
• Cardiac and vascular department along with CAT LAB,
• Urology Department,
• Laboratory Department,
• Radiology Department.
In addition, to the aforementioned departments, this building also contains 207 bedrooms allocated for IPD patients. Rahmat Hospital also has modern single bedrooms (Deluxe), modern double bed and general wards. Buildings A and B are interconnected via elevators and underground sophisticated tunnel system that makes the transfer of patients efficient and comfortable.

Building C

This building contains five floors; the main purpose behind this building is to provide working space for operations sections:
• HR Department,
• Finance Department,
• Admin Department,
• Procurement Department,
• Dorm rooms for medical staffs.

Rahmat hospital has invested a great amount of resources to activating central oxygen production and distribution plant, heating and cooling system, and air ventilation system (HVAC). In addition, the hospital is equipped with standard compressed air production system for operation theaters, wards, and general departments.
Finally, Rahmat hospital is committed to establishing a leading health institution of excellence in Afghanistan, which will strive to provide quality, safe, accessible and sustainable healthcare to Afghans and surrounding regions.

Rahmat Hospital

Rahmat Hospital was founded by Engineer Mohibollah Naseri on November 5, 2013 in the town of Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi in Qasbeh, District 15th, of Kabul city. The Rahmat Hospital has been designed by Turkish engineers based on the European Union and Turkish standards. Its construction work was completed on November 9, 2020 and became ready for operation.

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