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The Laboratory Department has been established according to Ministry of Public Health, WHO and FDA standards at the basement of Block B. The Rahmat Hospital Laboratory Department includes the following sections.
1. Microbiology -by using advanced and latest and advanced medical machineries and instruments.
2. Molecular-biology – by using the latest and advanced PCR machine and instruments.
3. Histopathology by using the latest and advanced automatic stain machines and instruments.
3. General Laboratory services by using latest and advanced full automatic and supportive semi-automatic chemistry and hematology analyzers and other machinery and instruments the general Laboratory services include.
• Routine Hematology section
• Special Hematology section
• Routine Chemistry section
• Special Chemistry section
• Parasitology section
• Serology and immunoassay section
• Hormone analyzing section
• Hemostasis section
• Drugs of abuse section
• Clinical pathology section
4. Blood Bank. is a very important part of the laboratory in a hospital. The most important device of the blood bank is the standard refrigerator in which the standard blood bags are kept.
5. Phlebotomy. by using the multi-needle machine which takes the blood of the donors. The machine is adjusted according to the barcode system. By usage of this system, we will be able to prevent the blood loss and mistakes that happen when taking samples, or changing/converting the samples.
6. Laboratory Administration to provide oversight and management support for laboratory services

Rahmat Hospital

Rahmat Hospital was founded by Engineer Mohibollah Naseri on November 5, 2013 in the town of Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi in Qasbeh, District 15th, of Kabul city. The Rahmat Hospital has been designed by Turkish engineers based on the European Union and Turkish standards. Its construction work was completed on November 9, 2020 and became ready for operation.

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